Child Trafficker Mother Teresa Was Anthony Fauci’s Mother

New bombshell intel reveals that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the son of the late Mother Teresa, who was a child trafficker for Jeffrey Epstein!

WELCOME TO THE FALL OF THE FALSE IDOLS: We all know the name Mother Teresa. She won a Nobel Peace Prize for her so-called humanitarian work and founded the Missionaries of Charity.

When She was on her world tour she gathered millions (rumored to be billions) of dollars from the rich, because they foolishly believed that she would be able to help the poor and suffering in India. Many people would believe that India was and currently is eternally grateful to her. How wrong they are! But what did she really do with all that money? It surely wasn’t used to improve the conditions of the suffering. Mother Teresa was not a living saint and in fact was somewhat morally corrupt — with a lot of evidence.

Mother Teresa’s money was mostly spent on funding Pedophilia and child rape, and not on the poor. She built a hundred facilities all over the world with her name and organization ‘Missionaries of Charity’ on each one. Most of them were nunneries and Papist-run children’s homes. where millions of children were abused, beaten and sodomised on a daily basis.

Many of these children were brainwashed and conditioned into cult-like-thinking, to make them act like her, thus sprang her “cult of suffering.” Ever wondered why the Catholic Church rushed to canonize Mother Teresa after her death? Turns out she was a child trafficker, selling babies & funneling between $50-100 million/year to the Vatican. Mother Teresa’s connections include Baby Doc Duvalier, the Haitian dictator, Saving’s and Loan criminal Charles Keating, and Robert Maxwell, the father of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. And here’s the kicker! Mother Teresa opened the D.C. based Home for Infant Children with none other than Hillary Clinton. This orphanage of sorts was quietly closed in 2012.



    • Well there is a article about her in India by a large Indian publication saying she did the same thing so hmmm don’t think the ones proclaiming to be saints are usually not the case my friend . How about dig your self and find out .

      • Communism infiltration of Catholic church, Lucifer pleaded with God for 100 years of modernism. Daddy cool check machine number

      • That man pretending to be a godly woman who was given a villa they had all carpeting pulled out and medical beds burned and made these suffering people dying in agony, reusing needles and telling these people that they must suffer like Jesus Christ had suffered?? The colors represent the temple of Jeffrey Epstein who didn’t kill himself, she/he was a baby broker and the way they were given pain killers for these people who worked there gave details and what did this baby stealing witch get when it was sick a hospital bed and treatment?. That is sick evil demon.

        • Yes I just heard she was a evil man,so obviously not Fauci’s mother, father maybe but not mother.Seems like everything we thought is actually the opposite of the truth,that’s what Satanist do.

        • HUH??!! Can you write a little clearer, maybe describe what you’re saying more coherently. I have no idea what you’re really saying.

          • Doesn’t matter if man or a woman, her/his genetic material would be enough in the hybrid lab

          • OBVIOUSLY commentor intended to reveal this individual posing as mother theresa is related to Fauci. Same exact facial images especially the nose. Fauci also photographed together with this child trafficker, male or female.
            Judgment us coming for the wicked.

    • Penn and Teller did a thing in mother Teresa. Years ago. Exposing evil. It didn’t quite get to the depths of child trafficking but it was an eye opener.

      • Penn and Teller are Illuminati stooges, which would make it one stooge “exposing” another, which is done quite commonly to limit damage.

    • According to whom? MSM?….or perhaps the psychopaths currently destroying our lives and children?

    • Totally. Mother Teresa was one of the holiest, most saintly women of our times, and for such as an idiotic website like this to publish such outrageous batshit, as you say, deserves a bullet. I only found this website by chance, and when I saw the idiotic headline about alien DNA being mixed with our own, I realized I had stumbled upon a totally bullshit lie-spinning website best described as an internet tabloid. They’ll soon be telling us that Elvis in indeed alive and well and living in the Whitehouse. Last time I ever venture into this disgusting website again. Anyone who believes anything these people are publishing needs to have their head examined.

      • I suppose Laura Silsby was a saint too? How do you know anything about Mother Teresa? The only info you have seen has come from the media which is totally corrupted. Silsby worked for Clinton as a child procurer too. When she was arrested in Haiti trying to leave the country illegally with over 30 kids guess who came riding to her rescue …. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Imagine that, but nothing to see here. By the way, DARPA has been mixing genomes for decades. You have NO CLUE as to what these people have been doing so pull your head out of your as*.

          • Yes and when a child ran away idk who found him he was eating like he starving and they call Missing children that Laura sillseby now works for bf the Clinton Foundation
            Many cases they will put down the child/ children are missing I believe Harp or darpa & Darpa made that happen it explains how the army going to attack Jericho and the walls melted like dust perhaps same technology that made the twin towers fell???

      • Would do everyone good to set their be-lie-fs aside, keep an open mind, and take an honest approach to learning the truth. People can either wake up or be good little boys and girls and never question their masters and think for themselves.

        • Well said Aaron. These very same doubters are going to wake up the hard way and it won’t be pleasant for them mentally. I was raised a devote Catholic and I am awake learning about the Vatican and our Pope. I am grateful for the truth as ugly as it may be, but I am a realist and at this point, nothing shocks me anymore. I do alot of research to verify, shake my head and yes…we live in a very evil, ugly world.

          • Research the ‘Ninth Circle’ occult cult of the Vatican which has engaged in Occult rituals including child sacrifice;The college of Cardinals are all memvers..DO YOUR RESEARCH..In the basement of the Vatican is a Sacrifice room..

          • Papacy is the antiChrist
            Daniel chapter 2
            Revelation 13 to the end
            Mother of Harlots is rhe Roman Carholic church. The LORD calls His people to come out of her!

      • Elvis and Michael Jackson and all these people are alive haven’t you figured that out yet especially Michael Jackson he live in a nice life with a new identity

        • If what you say is true, and I am truly open-minded about it, did Michael Jackson become the woman that we all knew he wanted to be? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me, I suspected all along.

      • Sometimes things that are hard to believe are true unfortunately
        By the way that one about Elvis is old news obviously fake news! No mention about White House
        The people there putting in the White House soon to be dead anyway

      • That’s funny u feel this way clearly u have held someone’s pocket ur whole life and have forgotten that as an adult we have the ability to ? And research all info received to try an uncover the truths and the way I have determined them said truths. be if any person responses by bashing ones character,than saying conspiracy or contradict them selves within same paragraph or sentence I my self will continue to beleave that there is a level of stupi

      • Boy, are you fucking naive. And I mean fucking absolutely, full on sheep brain naive, How do you think the Crown, Vatican, HM Government, many many others get hold of billions and trillions?

      • Mother Teresa is an example of those on the Day of Judgement who say “Lord, Lord” -look at all I’ve done for you; only to be turned away as one whom Jesus never knew. In this article you can read some of her own admissions that she had no right-relationship with her Creator. Her piety and righteousness were a facade, a religion of her own efforts, an outward appearance of Godliness yet lacking the Power.

        • If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona for you too. Have you watched the video of Pope Francis admitting he has deceived everyone? Shall I post the link for you?

      • How do you know she was good and saintly? God in Heaven knows who is a Saint, not the Catholic church, the Pope, or world leaders.

        • Well Vatican used a process that takes hundred years to find out a Catholic is a saint but Pope John Paul ii changed every step of the way. God gave that authority to His Church but they need to follow the rigorous process of doing it. But he dumped the process to suit their Novus Ordo Missae.

      • I hear you, sounds outlandish. But I also know that the Catholic church has been a center of power & corruption throughout the ages. Even they acknowledge this.

        • The people who head the Roman Catholic but not the Catholic Church. The Roman Church is owned by Jesus so stop your bashing of The Church that Jesus has founded to save us to heaven.
          Outside of the Roman Catholic Church no one is saved just like the Ark of Noah, outside of Noah’s ark no one was saved.

          • Obviously you are Bible ignorant

            Christ said He was the way NOT the organization (Catholic Church)
            Peter was NOT the first pope

            You will get to Heaven ONLY via Christ Not via a religion or organization
            Relationship w Christ saves, not religions
            You must be born again

            Christ is the rock NOT Peter
            Peter means “stone” Literally a piece of the “Rock”

            Matthew 16:18 (KJV)
            18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

            The rock referred to the statement Peter quoted that Christ was the Rock

      • I knew about “Mother” Teresa torturing children over 25 years ago. The Vatican was infiltrated by the Illuminati around 1785. Wake up, James. This is not Sunday school.

      • You’re clearly an idiot… looks like cognitive dissonance is going to be coming your way very very quickly with all the information that is soon to be dumped in your lap. You’ve been LIED to ALL your life, we all have. You’re going to get a HUGE Awakening!

      • You better do your homework! I used to believe that, too! All you have to do is do a search using duckduckgo or Tor Browser to see hundreds of articles, including one by the doctor who treated the girl Mother Teresa supposedly “cured.” Get your head out of the sand and realize that the matrix is real! The Fauci part I agree is ludacris, he’s Italian and Sicilian not Albanian!And Mother Teresa had no children.

      • Wegen solchen blinden Leugnern haben unsere Politiker leichtes Spiel. Recherchiert doch einfach dann findet Ihr selber raus was diese “Gutmenschen” für Monster sind!!!

      • Blind, blind blind. Just a fact: Every person who accepted Jesus as savior is called SAINT. Read your Bible.

        • So in the old Testament nobody accepted Jesus so there were no saints. Besides that easy said and done why so much books in the Bible. Jesus could have said to His Apostles no need of the compilation of Holy Books in the Holy Bible that if they accept me as saviour they are all Saints automatically??? This is heresy.

      • Who deserves a bullet? Did you just threaten to kill someone who disagrees with you because Mother Theresa is a piece of shit who trafficked kids and fyi SHE IS A HE- Why not use your brains asshole and go and look at all the court cases in india against her child abuse of orphans????? ur the piece of shit who refuses the fact and u prob a troll so dont try that shit here i know the facts as i see the court cases in india asshole!! and that bullet u can shove it up your ass so u can join Theresa in hell!

        • David really should shut down comment section. Does everyone talk this way in everyday life? Such venom & hatred. Very glad I don’t know any of you. Good grief.

          • I agree with you. We give more power to the evil ones if we get totally mad and agree. They catches that emotions to give them more power. Told by a former witch to an acquaintance who was always mad at her ex.

      • There are many reporting on this so we need to research it. For me, I wouldn’t doubt it. Anyone associated with pedophile Hillary Clinton well…

        • I agree. Anyone here realize the the fictitious South African “variant” is an anagram for MORONIC! You just can’t make this stuff up

      • Oh boy, you are up for a very painfull awakening… Teresa was a FRAUD and born as MALE… THERE ARE PROOFS of it but corrupt Vatican needed to use someone for their EVIL SATANIST rituals and money steeling from regular God believers. They are all FRAUD and will be prosecuted for the Crimes on Humanity. Mark my words and educate yourself.

        • The male index finger is a bit longer than the middle finger. I’ve seen Teresa’s hands folded and the index finger is shorter which indicates female.

        • Let’s look at ourselves first. Are we as innocent or faultless as they are guilty? Come guys. We can solve every evil going on bended knees begging Our Creator to forgive our sins and we pray and forgive these evil people because no one is praying for them.

        • Forgot to add that the large toe on a male is shorter than the second toe. Teresa did not have that. Her large toe was much longer.
          this is in reply to Layla

      • Oh JAMES , Truth is so hard to handle, I know. NOTHING your were taught is true. Unfortunately the story about Theresa isn’t either. There is SO much more!!! Wake up . Do your own research, look at everything. Pray for the truth to come.

      • OMG – you need to get your head out of the sand – you will soon realize you have been fed batshit by the government your entire life and we will soon have a glorious life in the upcoming Great Awakening. Research it for yourself – life is not what we have lived all these decades but the best is yet to come. Is all you have to do is look at the research – you will soon see and ten you will believe!

        • I am following Ghost Ezra and Whiplash on telegram. On one of their drops, they had a pretty red Q and listed the founders as President John F Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan. Then down below were the 10 members of Q, 5 didnt surprise me, but the other 5 are all suppose to be dead. It was a shock to me, and I kept thinking, I hope this is true. Why else would their names be listed as part of the Q team.

      • Come at me with a bullet you POS SHILL. Your mother should have swallowed.. Just because you have the intelligence of a rock.. You are the definition of STUPID.. Look up the definition.. describes you pwrfectly

      • So where did you get your information from about her being this sweet woman? Was it just an interview you had with her? See the problem with blind weak people is u can fool them with BEAUTY bcus they only believe a flower cant be poisonous. BUT THEY DO EXIST. but u wouldnt believe it until u sniff it and die.

      • Mother Teresa Was a child sex trafficker. You think if she really cared about the ppl she was caring for they would have been laying on nasty floors receiving third world treatment? This lady/man made more money than a lot of American hosptials bring in. She could have easily built 100 clean and comfortable facilities. She could have asked for a facility to be donated and built and would have gotten it happily built. This stuff really sucks. And we know how you feel. Elvis is alive, his name is Pastor Bob Joyce.

      • Sometimes stories that seem to be crazy out of this world are actually true. Therefore, the powers that be, are’t worry about it surfacing in the public because they know that most people won’t believe it anyway.

      • Let me guess- you’re an avid CNN watcher with a Jim Acosta framed autograph on your wall? Whatever it was that bunched up your panties and inadvertently drove you to this website had to be intentional (either from a previous site you frequent that is equally worthy of a head examination or you sought out the appease your own curiosity.)
        My advice for you, buy a helmet- you’re in for a bumpy ride.
        In the mean time, I strongly advise that you not tune into the Maricopa Audit, The shock and awe from the impending fraud results might require you to have a defibrillator on hand and our liability insurance doesn’t extend to melting snowflakes!
        Best wishes- Elvis

      • Fuck you psychopath motherfucker. Unearth the truth because you obviously buy the narrative hook, line, and sinker. And you subscribe to it with your wholesale dismissal of what can be researched behind the facade of lies, coverups, and obfuscation of reality.

      • The people still asleep can’t deal with the truth. Keep watching propaganda MSM. One day you will wake up, and then boing! 🙄

      • Too bad you are so brainwashed that your mind is locked shut. You are probably a product of the MK Ultra program and you will never wake up to the truth.

      • The truth will come out. Strap yourself down. There will be a lot of revealing truths you probably don’t want to hear. Myself, I am not surprised after what I have dug up. Evil is evil and nothing more. They love to lie and deceive which, up to this point have done incredibly well.

      • When the full truth comes out and it will, you’ll see that nothing is what it seems to be!!! The satan worshipping POS running the world have flipped all things good to evil for their own interests!! Mainly for money and sex with children and don’t forget their addictions to Adrenochrome!!! Makes me sick!!! They will all burn in hell for their crimes against humanity!!!

      • Aliens are amongst us whether you like it or not!!And Elvis IS STILL ALIVE!!
        MOTHER TERESA was a child/baby trafficker, and was either Fauci’s Mother or Father

      • You are a blind idiot indeed and not worth wasting time with.
        Hurry up and go get the booster it will protect you from learning the truth you moron.😎

    • jjajajaj no tienes ni idea…. supera la disonancia cogntiiva.. que no puedas creerlo no significa que no sea cierto… vaya vaya…

      • yup they do these are trolls on here trying to make u deny the truth . The truth is she loved hilary clinton pope jeffrey epstein and she has back then many court cases for abusing kids and said they have to suffer for jesus- theresa who is a male is a demon and SHAME ON ANYONE TO INSULT GOD BY ASSOCIATING HER TO HOLINESS!!! F OFF TROLLS GO BACK TO UR SATAN MASTER YOUR SHIT OF CONFUSING THE MASSES IS OUTDATED AND OVER AND OUT STOP PLAYING THE SAME GAME U ARE POWERLESS AS TRUTH CANNOT BE STOPPED!

    • What part? Because it has been FACTUALLY proven that Satanic Theresa WAS a child trafficker smfh.

    • It would seem that way. However the Catholic Church has been the hotbed of evil power hungry corruption throughout the ages. That is NOT a conspiracy theory either.
      So, ??‍♀️

    • Well, the issue is India is such a shithole – and has been for years – that no matter what ANYONE set up, there would be abuse.

    • before you just write the story off why dont you go try doing a bit of investigation, I don’t think you’ll like what yu find

    • Actually you wrong. This is what she was. She was actually very cruel to children. Just like Oprah’s friend John they praises him he ran children’s homes in I think it was South America but it maybe closer to Mexico. The name just slipped my mind but look it up on line. Oprah knows what he did, she’s been to his place to visit and I’m sure drink Adrenochrome, looking at the picture. These evils are usually the ones you least expect.

    • I assume that you are a fan of truth, right?
      If I can give you a word of advice… question everything, because if you believe mainstream media, you have been intentionally corrupted, to control the way you think, what you think
      what you do, how you do it, who you do it- bringing you into the lie that you are free and
      make your own decisions- but nothing could be further from the truth – if you don’t learn to rely on yourself, first and foremost, for information – objective information research- only then can you hope to come closer to any truth. Because the deeper you dig, the deeper you will find out that those that are behind mainstream media, absolutely don’t give a rat’s ass about the truth, nor the value of your life, or that of any one else, other than the criminals whom they really serve.

      If you feel scammed out of truth, it’s because you have been- by the mainstream media, just like
      most things they tell you is to distract you or is downward manipulation or a lie.

      Most of the media lies to cover up the crime of the elite and it has never been different in at least more than 60years..

      Does that seem like a surprised to you? Well to me too..However..
      Look at where the money goes and you will realize that over 50 percent of people you see in the public arena, especially where there is lots of money involved, including mainstream media heads are all involved in pedohile rings..;
      arrests are happening right now.. and all is about to fall..
      geopoliticsupdate youtube -( to find out more about what the pedohile elite has payed big money to hide from humanity..; – those are source of info, this time by people that have not been payed big bucks by a pedo elite that own most aspects of society

    • Yes. Hard to believe. But given the people involved and the state of the world, who knows what is true and what is a lie anymore. To me, it doesn’t matter either way. My life continues.

    • unfortunately it is true. I it is horrible to have to admit it but there is so much evidence!! I was raised catholic and always taught what a saint this women was. It is not just her but the entire catholic church. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • The cornatoad Fauci can only be the offspring of such a human abomination as mother teresa.she must have had entire andenocrome factories

    • Ur a special kind of stupid arent u? It happens to be very true. The Vatican is HUGE in pedofilia. U better wake up. The feckin Pope wears a FBI documented pedo symbol on his robes for Christ sake.

    • It’s like saying the Captain of the Titanic was found on a floating iceberg…! Remember sensationalism sells…!

    • When something is forced down your throat by MSM, it’s probably untrue. Aka lies, coverup, facade, etc.

  1. Setting up child trafficking rings & child sexual abuse institutions aren’t the only things Mother Teresa was hiding from the public.
    In fact, Mother Teresa was NOT a “mother” at all because “she” was a MALE!
    Doctors destroy health, judges & lawyers destroy justice, scientists destroy facts, psychiatrists destroy minds, religious institutions destroy spirituality, governments destroy freedom, educational institutions destroy knowledge, mainstream media reports destroy truth!
    TEL-LIE-VISION was invented to be used as a WEAPON against humanity, in order to control & manipulate what people think & feel, to distract people from crimes being committed against humanity, to subdue, to hypnotize, & to conduct wide scale population brainwashing.
    80%+ of all charities are in the business of doing the exact OPPOSITE of what their mission statement claims.
    Hollywood is named after the wooden holly sticks WITCHES use to cast SPELLS on people!!! They KNEW people would FOLLOW THE STARS! 90% of celebrities were born the opposite gender that they portray themselves to be to the public. JLo, Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron, Mila Kumas, Jennifer Aniston, Maddona, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga were all born MALE!!!

    • My personal opinion is that the Catholic church is not really a Christian Institution.
      Leviticus 26:1 tells us “do not make idols for yourselves”. Yet the church has idols after idols from the moment you walk into the church.
      The people confess their sins to the priest. Yet, the only one who can forgive sins is Jesus.
      The Bible also teaches in Matthew 7:21, “not all who call me Lord Lord shall enter the Kindom of God.
      So yes, I believe the Catholic Church is very involved in Child trafficking. It is a false church misleading many in doctrine so once you go that deep, anything goes.
      Plus children have spoken about the abuse. Did anyone hear them, or still a coverup?

      • I am a born and raised Catholic and have never been in favour of confession! Especially as ‘some’ make the same sin over and over and just go for absolution and everything is OK — Waste of time! I have over the years come to realise and understand that Religion as we call it, is in our HEARTS and our SOULS… If we believe in God-Jesus and live our lives as free as we can from sin, after all we are but mortals… then the Higher Being/a Loving God will forgive us….
        EVIL – The Cabal/The Illuminati/The Deep State – whatever one wishes to call them are from a DARK world as there is EVIL on earth and this and these people are followers as we are learning….
        I look forward to President Trump putting a stop to Child Trafficking and ridding the world of the Deep State and to being back decency and ‘religion’ to the USA –

        • I was raised in the church as well born in 85 and have been a massive sinner in life. I do believe 1 John 1:9…. nowhere in the bible does it talk about confessing your sins to the priest in the box. It says confess them one to another so you can be healed, but confessing them sincerely to God is the exact same thing. It is about our sincerity and it is no one elses business at all what are sins are (people love to use it as power over others).

          Jesus is actually very kind and understanding towards sinners. It was the liars, extortionists, hypocrites, backstabbers, and proud that he did not like. Church has been infiltrated by all kinds of SICK special interest groups – don’t think nazism is the only kind (westboro baptist style) there are depravity churches who advertise private sexaul things, satanic churches disguised as christian, hale bop comet crap type of cults, jim jones cults, general sick pervert cults, people doing outright weird things cults (moaning, dancing strangely, etc).

          Sorry you had to go through some of that catholic ritual invasion of privacy garbage :\

        • Absolutely. You are so correct. Churches will never make you religious, only you can make yourself religious. God is our maker and our only way into the kingdom of heaven. Bless all that can understand how to follow his rules

      • Et cela depuis Jean XXIII, pape élu par les franc maçons et c’était Grégoire XVII qui avait été élu et on la obligé à démissionner aussitôt qu’il avait été élu. Les franc maçons et les juifs sont main dans la main.

      • The large auditorium where the Pope holds gatherings was built to resemble inside & out, a serpent-snake as in Reptilian. A race of Draco Reptilians who live under the Antarctic Circle since earth was inhabitable, control this world. Illuminati are their puppets. These Reptilians eat humans provided to them by the Illuminati, and Reptilians also live off human fear. This is why the MSM puppets terrorize the public every night on the 6 PM news. TURN OFF THE TEL-LIE-VISION – you are being intentionally dumbed down & programmed like sheep being led to slaughter! Wake up!

      • EXACTLY

        Go to Amazon, and watch from Babylon to America. The Catholic Church is the Beast 666. Don’t believe me, watch the evidence laid out.

      • EXACTLY

        Go to Amazon, and watch from Babylon to America. The Catholic Church is the Beast 666. Don’t believe me, watch the evidence laid out.

        The letters in the Popes title add up to 666. Rome ran the entire world, and the Church ruled Rome. It was the Holy Roman Empire. It received the deadly head wound when Napoleon forced the Pope to give up his power. Which at the time Kings and Queens would go to him and kiss his ring and OBEY. In Daniel it shows the prophecy of the 4 Beasts from Nebuchadnezzar to Rome…Rome was the final or fourth beast. The reason the Pope is or was the first attempt at a One World Order, and anti christ….anti actually means Instead of Christ. Christ was accused of blasphemy because he forgave sin. He couldn’t have been blasphemous, he is God in the flesh.

        The Pope and his minions, called Fathers forgive sin every time someone comes to them and asks for it. NO ONE CAN FORGIVE SIN BUT GOD IN HEAVEN. No one but Jesus is the intercessor between mankind and Father God. The Pope and the Vatican system does both. The rebuilding of the NWO will be just like the Catholic system, maybe only with a uni-religion, but with the same blasphemous ways. Just think what Satan can do with that, and the ability to bring lightning from the sky on command?

      • They’ve actually finally come forward and admitted they are not covering it any longer. They have all the symbols. Yet try hide the fact. Well as that has changed, everything’s out in the open as far a pedophilia &Satanism. There’s several videos out showing the many symbols.

      • Hahahaha the bible is as disgusting as these fake news “So they got their father to drink wine that night also, and the younger daughter went in and slept with him. Again he was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up. So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father.” (Genesis 19:35)

    • I agree with you 100%. What will make people wake up?? I’ve tried, now I’m a lonely awake person. Someday humanity will have to face what it refused to acknowledge. Maybe not until they meet their maker. Then what will they say?

      • The good think is many people are waking up, here, in the USA and in other countries as well!
        Praise be to God! He is Almighty and Lord Jesus, our Savior.

        • Yes many have woken up over the last 5 years, sadly not enough. People are still falling for their color issue, to keep us divided. Many still follow the Demonic and don’t see it. Many still blind. But till the end some will never wake up. But I hope everyday new eyes open

    • That is true. Everything is inverted by these cabal beings. They want natural to be synthetic, hence their obsession with A.I
      and transhumanism.

      • You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe this BS, but you seem to be very special Craig.

    • Yep, all true, time for the world to realise we have been told lies about EVERYTHING, truths about this plandemic (yes it’s well documented starting 50 years ago right down to masses wearing masks) the hoax of royals (british royals have already told the world they will never return to Buckingham and no one bats an eyelid – wait til u find out what they’ve been doing there) the Queen and Phillip were charged with the kidnap of 10 Canadian children in late 60s took them for a picnic they have never been seen since.lies of pedowood, lab created diseases deliberately killing people and making them sick sunscreen scam, of the list is just way too long, natural disasters, not so natural..

      • I honestly believe everything you’re saying. Can you elaborate on the sun screen issue? I read something about it recently. But not enough.

      • ?Don’t forget chem trails, pharma , gmo food, fluoridated water, hospital deaths, tv, holly wood aka pedowood…

    • Ok. So that’s not a very good way to make your case.
      I lean to believe this story abt M Teresa is true.. would need more evidence to believe though.
      I know that the Catholic church has been a power hungry corrupt organization for ages. However, you can’t convince me all those “starlets” were born male ? or are all part of the source of the Hollywood evil. Many are just caught up in the rhetoric. Others were brought in, indoctrinated young. Plenty of evil but not all of them & they are not all transgenders!

    • I’m in complete shock but I am not dismissing it! I hesitate to even try to research this because everything we see and read seems to be a lie. I loved Dion and am heartbroken over all of this.

      • Yep it’s sad, everything we thought we knew is lies lies, lies it angers me and the sheeples are not helping one damn thing, idiots.

    • I’m woke. I know the lies we’ve been told. One is the earth is not as NASA states\lies. Use your eyes _ logic ~

  2. Where is the proof. Just you saying it doesn’t mean anything. Even Our Lord was with Judas who betrayed Him

  3. Wow, how far can a sick mind go? Have some respect, please. Mother Teresa is now a saint in the presence of Our Lord. Please go treat yourself in order to be able to truly repent and then please confess all your sins while there’s still time… don’t joke about your life people, our souls never die. May God help you choose wisely the place you’ll spend eternity.

    • Lorena, please investigate and do your own research. The Catholic Church and its leaders are extremely corrupt and have been lying to us for centuries. They have hidden God’s laws from us, and have manipulated the information that they have shown us. God Bless You!

      • Yes i agree with ypu Catholic churchs practices have nothing to do with GOD or helping people. Not all but the Vatican for SURE!!

    • You have to be a Catholic. Even if this article is wrong, whoever wrote it does not have to fear for their salvation and where they will spend eternity. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him. Belief in and surrender to the Lord knowing Jesus was the one and only sacrifice and the way back to the Father is the only way. Catholicism has it twisted and absent of the truth.

      • Blasphemy to forgive sins for a man. Blasphemy to call any man Abba Father, like a Priest. Only Father Abba in Heaven has that title. Christ is the intercessor between man and God the Father, not a Priest. Three blasphemies right there. Mother Mary is not a person to pray to, Saints are appointed ONLY by God. Humans no more know who is a Saint, than they know if they themselves measure up to Saint hood. It is a God thing, not a Church thing. It is like winning the Nobel Prize for the Religious. It is being judged by man as worthy.

    • lorena,u sound sincere,,god bless u. but did u know that until 1860 or so when the church was the state,,it was unlawful for parisheners to own a bible? the reformers were those who were killed trying to bring the bible to the people,,also the mission statement of catholisism would scare u,,to be saved u must be a member of this church,,not just a believer in christ.this is my understanding

      • Just wondering which anti-Catholic bigot taught you, Richard, that it was unlawful for Catholics to own a Bible before 1860. You sound very sure of your false teachings on the Catholic Church.

    • Do your research, books have been written about her involvement in child sex trafficking and worse.

    • As one who was raised to be Catholic, I would like to impress upon you what happened to my best friend the altar boy behind the altar. I don’t need to elaborate, Lorena.You know what I am writing about. Your church has long been infiltrated by the Illuminati and now only does evil. Look at the star on the Pope’s mitre. There is a God, but you will not find God in the Catholic Church. Look at the example given you of the “perfect man”. Tortured to death after living a life of celebacy? That is not a portrait of an actual human being that actually existed. The real Yeshua was a violent revolutionary who preached that his followers should run and leap at Roman officials plunging a dagger as deep as possible in them. They were called Zealots. They were Yeshua’s bodyguards. The fiction of the “Prince Of Peace” serves to keep you in slavery.

      • Well said, please put your info out there so the Catholics can see, I thank you for your comment.

      • Yes, I’ve been staying with a Catholic and it’s been interesting, they refuse to even listen, there church is the right church they do everything right just the rest are wrong.

    • A lot of things are going to be revealed that will shock a ton of people worldwide unless you’ve been following what’s been going on and researching. In fact things are already coming out little by little.

    • Lorena , you are wrong . Nowhere in Scripture are we told we have immortality . That holdover belief was from Babylonian Mysticism , propagated and by the Roman church .

    • No she’s his mother and his father is a rothchild. Check for yourself it’s all out there use it.

    • You should listen to these people there telling you truth, why do Catholics have a hard time even investigating these statements, your church being the largest has even more reason to be more open minded and be sure your heads of church are not leading all of you straight to hell, do you want to burn in hell or go to heaven? You must choose the facts are laid out its your choice to turn a blind eye, cause the Catholic Church is and has been decieving there people for a very long time, if it was my religion I would demand the truth.

    • No she’s his mother and his father is a rothchild. Check for yourself it’s all out there use it.

  4. Iam is very sick in the head. Making negative hasty generalizations like doctors destroy health has been said by quacks, charlatans, and snake oil salesmen. Lawyers and Judges destroy justice. Those generalistic statements about all people in such professions as being badare very misleading. There both good and bad in everything

    • Sit up all night hashing out those platitudes, did you? The writer did not say ALL doctors, or ALL of anyone/anything he described, and you of course know that, but you apparently couldn’t allow the opportunity to virtue signal pass you by, now could you?

    • Not true, there are many judges, justice Roberts has photos documents that are proof.

  5. Been saying this for years!! So much evidence! Best thing about Covid shut downs is that ppl are waking up to the truth! Have you seen the pics of her with Gillian Maxwells father ? Such evil ppl !

  6. To those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible. To those who do believe, no explanation is necessary. And that applies to EVERYTHING.

    • I haven’t yet but definitely gonna dig into this one.
      They’re all connected in 13 bloodlines the rest are nothing but puppets.

      • There are only 12 bloodlines in this cult, kennedys were and are still involved in stopping the cabal to date.

  7. Seems this site is to promote a false God and idol worship. God was and is a spirit. You call on a dead man as God and do not follow the commandments God gave us. Now who is blind to the evil of this world? God is with all of His creation, even in YOU! But no man is God. We are gods from God.

  8. If everything is twisted , upside down and backwards , if the deep state say go left then we should go right , and if they say this way is up than that’s the way down . So just think that if this is how we are to look at most everything then .. we’ve been thought that Judas betrayed jesus , that he was a bad guy. Yet Jesus knowing everything, what was going to happen to him all the way to the cross and even that He would rise from the dead, and that he would be betrayed . Jesus trusted Judas, with all the money and with other things like doing something so important for a friend that Jesus could only trust a really good friend someone like Judas, kept the money didn’t want to waste money that could help widows and orphans. Jesus often took His disciples privately to the side , all the disciples was love by Jesus and Petter denied Jesus 3 time with cursing, all of them split did not want to be associated to Jesus. Jesus had one He could trust .. Judas you have to fulfill my father’s word,do this for me,you must go and turn me in to be classified and take the 30 peices of silver that is prophesied by of the prophets in the Torah . Just saying Jesus trusted Judas…alot .

  9. David really should shut down comment section. Does everyone talk this way in everyday life? Such venom & hatred. Very glad I don’t know any of you. Good grief.

  10. Had a hard time with this one but in hindsight it was odd that the Vatican made her a saint as I remember someone had to have I believe 3 miracles happen verified before they would be made a saint by Catholic Church and none of this happened at all.

  11. The devil puts out false information to confuse, cause doubts & turn people away from God. Today any picture can be altered. I am familiar with Mother Teresa’s sisters & they are good, holy women who give their lives for others. How many people do you know who care for Aids patients? Some of you who jump right on the bandwagon already have a hatred for the Catholic Church. Don’t believe everything you hear, see or read. Those who hate God & His Church are happy to have you join them! A person needs 2 miracles to be declared a saint. It has to be something that could not happen any other way. An example such as someone is diagnosed with an incurable disease but is cured through prayers to someone who has died & even doctors say there was no other way the person could have been cured. These things are not made up by the Church. They have to be verified.

    • We all know there’s heaven and hell, on that note we need to hear out the facts, do some simple research, then make the changes to correct the wrong, not ignore facts because it will look bad or think there church could do know wrong… They refuse to hear that there church is going to hell and the bible says false idols are not to be worshipped, the mother Mary thing the Catholics pray to mother Mary not Jesus, they pray to statues gods says that’s a no no, they were the richest church until the Vatican was caught with gold and artifacts that belonged to the USA and other country’s, and was made to return it, and were arrested along with the pope for child TRAFFICING, crimes against humanity, pedo crap and more. I will never understand how blocking out the facts ignoring truth is okay, if it was my church I would do everything in my power to correct and rid my church of everything that’s wrong hold the sinister bastards accountable and move on.

  12. You are the batshyt crazy moron.. Cognitive Disdonance is strong in you.. Just because you lack the moral integritu to LEARN a truth or TWO. Its best you go back and sit in your corner.. Shills like you are easy to expose..

  13. Once again the truth is being hidden by none other than the big tech, it’s obvious there all involved in this scumbag evil bullshit, I know many Catholics that refuse to hear anything about how there the facts about there church there leaders and when they find themselves entering hell instead of heaven, it will be there own demise and their punishment will be eternal hell and brimstone, ignorance and blindness to the truth will not be excused by father God, they will regret they did not at least listen.

  14. Puede ser,ya que la madre del Príncipe Harry es Sara Ferguson a la que le quitaron un óvulo que fue fecundado por el marido de la reina,y se lo implantaron a Lady Di,sin saberlo ella.Menudo Bombazo esta noticia por favor si Antony Faucy sigue la saga de su madre.

  15. hello all holy friend thank you for expose to me the truth there is so much wisdoms in this words i will thinks and ponder for long while over wonderful teachings

    but i ask from you today…

    pls show me mother teresa a gay. please send picture to [email protected] thank



  16. Mother Teresa was Fauci’s father. Twisted sister. Wouldn’t surprise me if Kevorkian, Dr. Death, was Fauci’s older sister. My opinion. The name Fauci translates into something sinister in Italian. Christopher Hitchens (sp?) penned a lengthy article about the nun in Vanity Fair probably 20 years ago which shocked me at the time, but no more. Her drug was death. Recently saw a photo of the two. If they’re not related they are at least birds of a feather.

  17. If it’s true – SHOW the PROOF, with verifiable links and sources. Opinions mean nothing nowadays, as they always did. Without verifiable PROOF, this article is just a bunch of bullshit!

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