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How To Turn Off 5G At Home!

The new FISA reauthorization bill includes a sneaky provision that will force all US businesses to act as pawns of the National Security Agency’s surveillance grid, whether they agree to or not. Mark & Jalice […]


Fully Jabbed OJ Dead!

Former Hollywood and football star OJ Simpson, who encouraged his followers to get the Covid mRNA vaccine on social media, has died of cancer at the age of 76. Paul Dale Roberts commented on the […]


Alex Jones To Sue CIA, FBI!

Infowars founder Alex Jones has vowed to sue the CIA and FBI for attempting to destroy his business and silence his right to free speech in America. Ron Edwards discussed the declining integrity of mainstream […]

Dark Projects

Not One Took It!

A new investigative report shows conclusively that not one of Joe Biden’s cabinet members took the oath of office. Chad “Thugzilla” Caton is the National Director of Veterans For Trump. He joined us to discuss […]


FBI Has The Goods On Diddy!

Sean “Diddy” Combs’ former bodyguard has blown the whistle on the depraved exploits of his former employer, admitting that there were top politicians, A-list celebrities, and royals at Diddy’s infamous “freak off” parties. Christi Tasker […]


Humanity Gone In 2 Years!

A “massive tsunami” of death and disease is about to decimate the global mRNA-vaccinated population according to top virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who warns that the spike protein is a ticking time bomb programmed […]


Is This How It Ends?

Israelis have announced plans to conduct a red heifer sacrifice this month as significant Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in Israel before our very eyes. Charlie Robinson discussed the goings on in Washington as clown […]


Informed Consent Is Dead: We Are Now Guinea Pigs!

Former Trump chief strategist Stephen Bannon has said that Hillary Clinton, and other leftists like her, embody a “force of darkness.” William Lambert and Dr. Rich Petras discussed the negative effects of oxidative stress and […]


Meat To Be Rationed In The United States!

Legal experts are raising the alarm over a World Economic Forum (WEF) provision that was snuck in the recently passed omnibus bill that will severely ration America’s beef supply to the public. Christi Tasker presented […]


King Charles Given Less Than 2 Years To Live!

King Charles given less than 2 years to live. Nate Cain discussed the out-of-control border situation.  Doug Thornton railed against the Biden administrations’ declaration that Easter Sunday is also Transgender Visibility Day. Victor Avila questioned […]


It’s Beginning To Look Like P. Didit!

Disturbing Videos Of Diddy & A Young Justin Bieber Resurface Amid Sex-Trafficking Probe.Paul Dale Roberts discussed paranormal activity and Mothman. Skip Press said the Kate Middleton cancer video is fake. Mark Matheny discussed world politics. […]

Dark Projects

Force-Feeding The Masses!

More disturbing intel continues to surface regarding the container ship that destroyed the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Rainy Robinson weighed in on P. Diddy and whether or nor a bounty hunter could extract him from […]


It Was Not An Accident!

The Baltimore bridge collapse was an ‘inside job’ by US intelligence agencies working on behalf of the global elite to destroy US critical infrastructure. Tim Ray of UI Media Network discussed his new program on […]