March For Israel Was Staged: ‘Protesters’ Paid!

Collin Plume discussed the economy and why investing in precious metals is one way to insure your future. Dr. James Fetzer provided evidence that a pro-Israel rally in Washington D.C. was actually made up of college students who were paid $250.00 to protest.  Bryan Bowden said HAARP-type weapons may be responsible for the rains flooding the Gaza strip and that an EMP is imminent in the U.S.  Kate Shemirani discussed the dangers and sinister trappings of 5G.

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  1. JFK staged his assassination. Some think that Jimmy Carter is actually JFK. Jackie Kennedy was a male to female transgender.

  2. Hamas was created by the state of Israel. Also ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Al Quada stands for the base, or actually the base of a toilet. In other words, Al-Quada stands for the toilet. Both organizations, along with Hamas, was created by the state Israel who is the synagogue of Satan.

  3. Israel is losing the war, and they will soon be annihilated. The synagogue of Satan will be totally eliminated.

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