What Are They Not Telling Us About The Eclipse?

Strange and spooky things are scheduled to occur during the April 8 solar eclipse across the United States. What are the powers that be not telling us? Dana Louise is a wife and mother of two. She lives in St Paul MN and has worn many hats in the past: a Finalist on Norwegian reality show “Alt For Norge” season 9, food-truck owner, Reiki Master Teacher, Minister, TFT level II Practitioner, Death Doula, Public Speaker and more. Her personal (multiple) experiences with the weird, supernatural and paranormal are all laid out in her memoir. While struggling her entire life to “Come out of the Cosmic Closet,” her mission now is to share what she has learned. She re-minds us to embrace our Divinity. We are all Whole, Holy- Humans. Dr. James Fetzer provided evidence that Israel is planning the mass extermination of all Palestinians in Gaza. Bryan Bowden is concerned about strange revelations he has seen through remote viewing. Elly Flippen said something very weird surrounds the story of Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old serviceman of the United States Air Force, who died after setting himself on fire outside the front gate of the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C.

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