“The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.”
—Gilbert K. Chesterton

For 300 years we have sidestepped confronting the truth about human desperation and depravity, and the horrors the desperate and the depraved can inflict on us and themselves.

This website exposes the deepest, darkest outposts in the human mind…outposts that lead to inexplicably horrible acts against humanity.

We chronicle news and review history of the diseased thinking that leads to the unforgivable.



  1. Dear David, Outstanding … reporting, and you’re doing a superb job! I have one question. I know Jessie was not able to reveal who the Antichrist is. However, was she able to provide any hints, like religious background and or is he in the United States? Sincerely, Bill

    • The Antichrist will be revealed after the Rapture of the church ( Bride of Christ-when Restrainer no longer here-Holy Spirit). He will rise out of the revived Roman Empire ( Europe)

    • Well it kinda goes like this . we owe China trillions, he’s planning on dems to turn country to his favor , so we gonna wind up American dolls and we will be called slave puppets . to pay the trillion dollar debt that USA owes to republic of chynagoamagog . and the also ( democrats ) are coming for your 2nd amendment. So we have 1,2 shut up you fool . and give me your bang bang gone. (If found ) .j.s

      • You are behind in your facts friend! That note was already called by them(ccp & cabol) trying to trigger yet another great depression that’s why the central banks are bankrupt right now they have been looted and have no reserve! Our social security and pension funds were all taken ! As of now we are operating on fumes in yet they still are trying to take that to! More research on your part will put you were the rest of us are right now and that’s pissed! Just make sure your anger is pointed in the right direction friend!!! Check your fire!!

  2. What is your process in fact checking? I’m seeing a lot of big claims on your site and i’m curious to how you determine what is true information and what is false information? Thanks!

  3. If all these people, like Mike Pence are truly dead…then WHY do we not hear about their families grief? Are they being told to keep quite? I need some help understanding. Like the Obama girls…are they not sad that their parents are not with them?

    • Those girls were borrowed and were not their real children to fit the narrative of being a family man it was all make-believe!! Your question has already been answered if you dig a little deeper!!

    • These people are gone for good.. I truly believe from the research I have done that this evil people are dead..I believe the military had to take care of these people to free us so that we can learn all we need to learn.. I do not believe President Trump is evil or certainly not the “antichrist,” but a human with a vision greater than we had, but I’m game and all in to learn these new ways.. I certainly am in the mood for learning way we never knew that other beings occupy space on or in our earth!

    • It’s called non disclosure.. the government can come after you if you disclose where you received your info? Also, why would you mourn Pence, Obama, Bush’s, Clinton’s? These are not humans.. these are monsters.. good riddance!

  4. I’m disappointed. Just joined for $2.99 a month, and I type in david zublick, and now I’m seeing all this. What am I paying $2.99 a month for? So e everybody is dead or doing life, the clones, doubles, actors and standins are who we’re s?

  5. I paid $29.99 for the year to get “bundle 2” as promoted by David. Sent him my receipt to [email protected] and still have not received it. Actually sent several emails. Is all if this a scam? I’ve seen/heard descrepancies!

    • Most every platform I’ve been hearing from has said the information is there just look it up telling you who when and where! Throwing stones after no research being done says rabble rouser! You do realize we’re being played right? Pitting us against each other like your doing right now! It’s the msm directive “divide and Conquer”! Advice: read more talk less!!

  6. David,right on the money. Acts 1:9. Jesus received into heaven in a cloud, also called whirlwind. Ezekiel 1. So we can see if God uses these craft, so does satan. your in the apocalypse my friend, antichrist comes first. Sits on mount Zion, claims to be God. Dont be deceived.

  7. The antichrist is anyone who doesn’t speak the truth about our creator Jesus Christ.
    When they can’t speak the truth it’s because a different spirit lives in them that don’t speak truth and that my friend is a spirit of the antichrist.
    They’re everywhere!

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