Child Porn To Be Made Almost Legal

Child pornography has been decriminalized in Germany, and pro-pedophilia activists are now pushing to have the age of consent for sex between children and adults to be lowered to 12. Ron Edwards decried the influx […]


Targeted In The Matrix

Tom Althouse continues exposé of the elite powers who have targeted him to keep him quiet after they stole his original script for The Matrix. To watch the program, click here:

Dark Projects

Fake Whitmer Kidnapping Was Another J6 PSYOP

The Whitmer “kidnapping plot,” “fednapping,” or “hoax,” as it’s more commonly called, is likely one of the biggest entrapment cases the FBI ever staged, aside from January 6. Justin Leslie discussed undercover investigative journalism. Dr. […]



Oil Industry Secretly Working With Republicans in Push for ‘Gateway’ to Carbon Tax Bill

The American Petroleum Institute is collaborating with moderate Republicans to promote a bill that could lead to a domestic carbon tax, according to insiders. The post Oil Industry Secretly Working [...]

1 in 7 American Children Live in Poverty While Washington Allocates Billions Overseas

More than 11 million American children were living in poverty in 2021, highlighting significant domestic challenges even as the U.S. continues substantial foreign aid. The post 1 in 7 American [...]

Officials Fear Violence at DNC Despite $75 Million in Taxpayer Security Funding

With over 70 organizations planning protests at the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago, officials fear potential violence despite significant security measures. The post Officials Fear Violence at DNC [...]

Over 40 Mayors Urge Biden to Establish Jobs Program for Migrants

More than 40 mayors and county officials across the U.S. are calling on President Joe Biden to expedite work permits for millions of migrants. The post Over 40 Mayors Urge [...]

Judicial Watch Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Evanston, Illinois Over Race-Based Reparations

Evanston, Illinois Directs $25,000 Payments Exclusively to Blacks The post Judicial Watch Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Evanston, Illinois Over Race-Based Reparations first appeared on [your]NEWS. [...]

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