It’s Beginning To Look Like P. Didit!

Disturbing Videos Of Diddy & A Young Justin Bieber Resurface Amid Sex-Trafficking Probe.Paul Dale Roberts discussed paranormal activity and Mothman. Skip Press said the Kate Middleton cancer video is fake. Mark Matheny discussed world politics. […]

Dark Projects

Force-Feeding The Masses!

More disturbing intel continues to surface regarding the container ship that destroyed the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Rainy Robinson weighed in on P. Diddy and whether or nor a bounty hunter could extract him from […]


It Was Not An Accident!

The Baltimore bridge collapse was an ‘inside job’ by US intelligence agencies working on behalf of the global elite to destroy US critical infrastructure. Tim Ray of UI Media Network discussed his new program on […]


Kate Middleton Cancer Video Was Deep Fake!

Analysis of the video posted by Kate Middleton announcing her cancer diagnosis appears to indicate it was a deep fake. Christi Tasker discussed the immigration crisis and homelessness affecting the state of Florida. Dr. Reginald […]


Shock Claim: ‘Oprah Put Implant In My Brain’

Ukraine worked with U.S. intelligence agencies to commit the terror attack in the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow, Russian investigators have claimed. JJ Carrell weighed in on the uncontrolled chaos at our southern […]


Transhumanism Begins: Where Will It Lead?

Elon Musk’s cybernetic implant company, Neuralink, livestreamed video Wednesday of its first brain chip patient using his mind to play chess on a computer. Is this the official birth of transhumanism and where will it […]


New Docuseries Exposes Nickelodeon Pedophiles!

Shocking revelations about the toxic culture of iconic children’s television shows in the 1990s and early 2000s at Nickelodeon and executive Dan Schneider were unearthed in Investigation Discovery’s Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, […]


Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Sacrificed!

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was murdered and replaced by a body double for public relations exercises, according to Princess Diana’s best friend and at least two palace aides familiar with the matter. William […]


NCAA Sued Over Trans Athletes!

A group of female athletes filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on Thursday over its decision to allow “transgender” athletes to compete against and use women’s locker rooms. Ruamen DelaRua is […]


Scientists Find Alien DNA In Vaccinated Blood!

Scientists at an elite research unit in Spain have made a series of startling discoveries regarding the Pfizer Covid mRNA vaccine, including the disturbing fact that when placed in a reptile incubator at body temperature […]

Dark Projects

Would You Eat Lab Grown Meat?

Globalist billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have announced they are teaming up to drive a stake through the heart of traditional farming in favor of a vast network of laboratories producing fake lab-grown meat. […]


What Is Executive Order 14019?

Joe Biden is registering illegal aliens to vote through an executive order. Marly Hornik of United Sovereign Americans is fighting back against voter fraud. Dr. Panos Zavos discussed concerns over the court rulings that recognize […]


Are Cannibals Coming To The U.S.?

Haiti is suffering through absolute chaos. Ariel Henry has finally resigned as Prime Minister. A transition council will be formed to try to bring order. But in America, corporate media is busy trying to debunk […]

Dark Projects

Martial Law Is Coming To America!

Congress passes a $460 Billion budget bill that puts ankle bracelets on cows at your expense. David Sumrall updated us on a new court decision which would cut drastically the sentences of those convicted in […]


Trump Sends Haley Packing!

Nikki Haley gets crushed by Donald Trump on Super Tuesday and promptly drops out of the presidential race. William Lambert and Dr. Rich Petras discussed a very powerful formula that may be the cure for […]


Your Tax Dollars May Buy Predators Child Sex Dolls!

Democrat lawmakers have proposed introducing tax-funded ‘child sex dolls’ for pedophiles as a way to discourage them from raping children. Christi Tasker previewed a presser by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Gary Wayne weighed in on […]


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder!

Texas police have announced that they are treating the death of Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law Angela Chao as a potential homicide. Nate Cain discussed the border crisis and Nikki Haley’s single primary win. Victor Avila also […]