Michelle Obama ‘Beat Sh*t Out Of Barack’ After Trans Rumors Forced Her Out Of 2024 Race!

Michelle Obama flew into a violent fit of rage at Barack and senior staff members when it became apparent she could not run for president in 2024, according to a staffer who blames the transgender rumors for ruining her political ambitions. Diana E. Watt, a Southwest Florida-based political operative faced charges on a Colorado warrant for submitting petitions supposedly signed by dead voters. That came after scrutiny of a pro-gambling initiative where she led a petition-gathering effort. Watt joined us to tell her story. Brooks Agnew said that a message was definitely being sent to Mitch McConnell by having his siter-in-law killed in a rigged car accident, and that when McConnell froze in the Capitol, he did so after being touched by a woman who had been a member of a cult. Melody Jennings decried false alternative news reporters who she believes are actually working as operatives for the deep state. She named names. Trauma Triage dealt with trafficking and drugs.

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