It’s 1929 All Over Again!

Rachel Milligan discussed the new age elixirs and metals which supposedly are for healing but are in fatc, demonic in nature and which could open the gates of Hell. Monica B. continued her breakdown of Satanic holidays and traditions. Nick Alvear talked about runs on the banks and the coming financial collapse. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!


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  1. The Almighty Father also said that “No man shall change the writings of HIS Word, or something to that effect. So….what did “KING JAMES” do???? Oh, he “CHANGED” the Bible to fit “his” narrative. Let me see, what do you call that…oh, yeah….”Blasphemy”….right? But you “Christians” ALWAYS “abide by” The Kings James “Version” of the BIBLE. That’s gross, and you should not slap the face a Catholic who is reading from a Bible we were entrusted with as “Being” the word of GOD, your’s is NOT, why, cause it was written in a Kings “Version”.

  2. The hard pumping bombastic and vitriolic British propagandist Charlie Ward from En-Gland has given a “Das ist Schade to the Swiss who were naive and not aware that somehow they were not as “elite” as they thought they were because the Swiss gave their sons and daughters the poison jab and not knowing that their “elite blood line is lost” because of its cause of apparent sterility. Too bad for them HE SAYS IF YOU ARE CONCERNED FOR THE LINE. They were not given the elite pass that they though they should have been given.

    What a bunch of unmitigated B.S. Hey Charlie, please save your Queen!
    Tell that to the Princess of Indonesia who was double jabbed and has recently died. Princess of Indonesia not “elite enough” for you?

    Leave wherever you are holed-up and come to Wisconsin and meet real humans for once in your life (Michigan good too)

    Ashamed for you!

    • Any masked and cloaked, wholly comprehensive and pervasively entrenched charitable secret “quasi-religious” military organization which lurks below the surface of world-wide visible and highly influential religious and political groups in operation FOR 500 YEARS ….CONTROLS THE WORLD!!! Plain and simple. It is Russia, right? It is China, right? It was Germany during the previous two world wars, right?

      This famous group controls the CCP, and were in China for centuries infiltrating and making influence in China. It is a tool of this longitudinal plan to take over the world.

      Former Viking quarterback Fran Tarkenton once told a fan that the Vikings would have won all four (4) Superbowls in the 1970’s, … it was that each time, they just ran out of time. (Sure Fran…add another three (3) or four (4) quarters to any game and anything can happen.)

      The ancient script for world conquest has been operating with what seems UNLIMITED TIME because their machinations, and influence has gone unseen, and unrecognized and undefined for CENTURIES!

      Do not take the Mark of the Beast! No Central Bank Digital Currency!

      The time is now. Believe in your God GIVEN right to FREEDOM and the free exercise thereof.. Do not become enslaved!!!!

      • Talk of legislation to make a FOUR DAY WORK WEEK–a national law! NO! NO! NO! NO!

        Think for a moment, please… The COVID “lock-downs” were a litmus test to garner support for future “lock-downs” or control of free enterprise by making a national law to CONTROL your right to work as you damn well please in the United States! Co2 emissions went down so much this must be continued–FOREVER!

        Cogitator:–(in deep thought) ……… ……

        …. “Instead of a shut-down for several months….why now …. let’s see… let’s do a shut down..a shut down—-Oh I know…let’s do a shut down ONCE PER WEEK. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. Let’s make Sunday a nice little Roman Holiday … take Sunday off so everyone can watch Aaron Rodger play football for the New York Jets!!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!!

        Think… Think for a moment…. who wants a National Sunday Law? Crazy, I know..but the Catholics and Jesuits have wanted this forever!

        Requiring a close of business EXCEPT religious services, and farms and some others means a short, small and very slippery slope to REQUIRING IT! Total compliance.


        READ: “National Sunday Law” (paperback) – January 1, 1983 by: Jan Marcussen
        This book is a prophesy. It tells what is happening right now.

        I am Patrick Henry.

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