Patient With Ebola Symptoms Dies On Plane, Passengers Not Quarantined!

A 63-year-old Lufthansa passenger died on board after losing “liters of blood.” The unidentified man was flying from Bangkok to Munich with his wife on February 8. Resuscitation efforts were made; however, he unfortunately passed away during the trip. Unconfirmed reports indicate that he likely suffered from the infectious Ebola disease. JJ Carrell railed against the out-of-control situation along our southern border, as congress fails to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas. Brooks Agnew still claims that the Democrats will throw the dementia-ridden Joe Biden under the bus, buy off Kamala Harris and put forth Nikki Haley or Gavin Newsom as the candidate to run against Donald Trump. James Bradley recently visited the southern border and claimed rallies in support for border security were sparse. Trauma Triage covered red flag gun laws.

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